Love, the Only Thing That’s Real – Part 1

Love, The Only Thing That’s Real

Part 1

Love makes the world go round, so the saying goes. What is love. In the common verbiage the word love has many meanings. There is familial love, love of friends and romantic love. Each type of love seems to be compartmentalized in the minds of most. There are different sets of rules and parameters according to the category of love being described or expressed.

The types of love mentioned above, are infused with love…and other stuff. Often times what is described as love is intertwined with other stuff; ulterior motives, conditions, rules, dogma, and control. These and many other things get mixed up with the pure energy of love. And yes, true love is an energy.

We think of love as an emotion. The word emotion means energy in motion. It’s feelings in the act of flowing. So in that sense love is feelings, which are made out of energy in motion. And it includes the energy of love.

We often talk about giving or receiving unconditional love. But who amongst us really has the capacity to give or receive love without conditions. Our human nature, riddled with all of the fears that carry within us, make if challenging to give or receive love without conditions.

But then, when you really stop to think about it, is love ours to give or receive? What if we are love? What if we are a reflection, an expression of the Source of love? What if simply are love? What if that which we are seeking is so elusive because we are it, and all we have to do is look in the mirror?

What if it’s really that simple?

I’ve observed throughout my life that human beings tend to complicate things. There’s a program in place that says, if it’s complicated and complex it must be really great. And the opposite of that is if it’s simple, it can’t be very effective or transformational and it’s easily dismissed. A large part of humanity has bought into these and many other programs that are running in the collective consciousness on a subconscious level.

Similar to a computer program running in the background and slowing your computer down, these programs affect us in many different ways. And one of those ways is they keep us searching in all the wrong places for the answers that could easily be found if only we allowed ourselves to let it be simple.

The power of love is the greatest power of all. Eckhart Tolle goes into great detail about the power of now in his book of the same title. And as I see it, the biggest reason the power of now is so powerful is that’s where love exists. Be in the now moment and you will BE in LOVE.

Stay tuned for Part 2

Debi xx

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