Sacred Activations Packages - $16 each

Root Chakra Package

1. Total Body Connection – This activation clears any beliefs you have around specific body parts or systems. It connects you with your entire body and the awareness that every body part is important. It brings you the clarity that in order to transform and ascend we need to include our bodies in the process. When there is balance in our bodies and we connect with our bodies our transformation quickens.
2. Activating the Mitochondria – This removes you from the collective consciousness of fear and activates the love of Creator. It makes it easier for us to move forward and be active in our lives.
3. Disconnect from Allergies – This deactivation clears any beliefs you have around allergies and the need to experience them. It clears any fears or subconscious beliefs around pets, plants or anything that triggers an allergic reaction for you.
4. Cellular Cleansing – Energetic cellular cleansing is important for cellular repair, regeneration and rejuvenation. It gently encourages the release of old or damaged cells and the growth of new, healthy cells and tissues. The release of stress overload, emotional trauma, traumatic events and genetic conditioning from the cellular memory is very important, as is the release of damaged cellular matter caused by toxic substances, chemical pollutants, vaccinations, bacteria etc.
5. Free Your Genetics – This activation clears the genetic patterns that don’t serve you. The “heart attack” “cancer” and other genes that attract certain diseases are cleared and replaced with better genes. It will also clear the fear that attracts these energies and conditions. This activation also clears the collective consciousness around these diseases.
6. Lack and Limitation – Are you in the “not enough” vibration? This is a HUGE Collective program! Think about the world banking system, countries are in financial collapse because so many carry this vibration. Do you sympathize with everybody? How does Lack around the world effect you? Lack and Limitation around the world and yourself is just an Illusion! Unplug from Humanities Unconscious belief systems and non-serving beliefs. Now, plug into the Motherboard of all those who believe in and have Unlimited Abundance! Throughout all timelines, genetics, cultures and Collective, for yourself and the world, plugging you into Abundance. Are you ready for Abundance, Joy, Happiness and a life of Gratitude?
7. LEAP Forward with Ease and Grace – Sometimes incremental change works great; sometimes it leaves you breathless and dangling midair. At such moments we need to set a clear intention, and boldly step forward. This activation clears away the deadwood of inertia that keeps us trapped in old patterns, opens a space of balance and clarity, and empowers us to control the direction of our life.
8. The Unicorns wanted to be included, so I invited the Red Unicorn in. She embodies the attribute of Confidence.

Sacral Chakra

1. Anger, Fear & Guilt -Release: Often times we carry around these emotions, some are ours, some aren’t. This activation will allow you to release these low freqency emotiions and make room for love, acceptance, allowance and flow in your life.
2. Are You Codependent?: This activation clears you of the energy of codependency and helps you rely on yourself. This is an energetic balancing and alignment with all those around us.
3. Are You Stuck?: If you haven’t changed over the last few years toward the positive…you are stuck. Families not moving forward? People from Past Lives holding you back? Are you procrastinating your life? Here’s your opportunity to release that stuck- ness, focusing on your core life to get to change. Gaining abundance begins by admitting areas of your life which you can’t seem to pass through.
4. Balance and Harmony: This activation releases the energies that are creating imbalance and disharmony in your life and brings in the energies of balance and harmony.
5.Confidence and Self Esteem: This activation is all about believing in yourself and coming in to your power, secure in the knowledge that the universe will be there to support you.
6.Connect to the Vortex of Peace: This activation enables us to forgive all those who have hurt and betrayed you across all life times, it will disconnect from all etheric contracts and the consciousness of war and conflict in order to gain peace, this activation will connect you to the vortex of peace and enable you to expand and share your inner peace with others.
7.Creator’s Truth: This is both an activation and a de-activation as itunplugsyoufromthehumangridof fearand plugs you into the 7th plane of ”The Truth”, so you can be in your power and the truth, free of being controlled by the fear of the group consciousness. As you may know, we are all connected in a grid that surrounds the earth so we pick up on the group consciousness.
8.Spiritual Conduit Activation: This activation allows you to be a grounded/ connected/conscious conduit for Spiritual information and healing. It activates the ability to translate this Spiritual information into practical solutions for everyday life.

Solar Plexus Chakra

1. Hidden Agendas
This activation gives you clarity about the reasons or motivations that underlie people’s actions. These motivations, often unconscious, may arise from unresolved contracts or agreements from another time and place.
Hopelessness is a choice that we may make in the belief that we have exhausted every option or possibility. Hopelessness means resigning ourselves to a world of scarcity, lack, and loss of freedom. This activation reminds us of infinite possibility and unlimited abundance, making it possible for us to take the next step forward through a difficult or challenging situation.
3. Wrong Choices
This activation brings you into to your heart and what your higher power is telling you. It releases the negative beliefs that you might always make the wrong choices.
4. Central Sun
This activation clears old belief patterns that block you from moving forward and helps you step into your power to help yourself and humanity. It will connect you to the energy of the Central Sun, which is near Sirius, past our solar system. The Central Sun is the great I AM energy. We could not do anything without this Sun.
5. Playing It Small
Do you find yourself playing small so others can feel comfortable around you? Are you afraid of your true power? Do you work in jobs that do not use your full potential? Are you ready to be in your full power and full creativity?
This activation will free you from your “box” and open you up to the fullness that is the REAL you.
6. Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry Activation
The Tree of Life Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cells, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams.
7. Sacred Power
This activation clears all of the fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force you are meant to be. This activation will empower you to step into your true authentic power.
8. Arcturian White Dragon, Sovereignty – Setting boundaries and standing in your power.

Heart Chakra

1. I Am Beautiful – Everybody is beautiful in their own way. Would you like to know the many ways you ARE beautiful at a MUCH deeper level and how to open that energy up? Would you like to connect with your beauty and SIMPLY know you’re beautiful, WITHOUT question? This activation helps you to see and acknowledge your individual qualities that are beautiful even if they are not societies ideal.
2. I Am Worthy – Do you feel unworthy? Do you stop good from coming into your life because you don’t feel worthy of receiving it? Would you like to know that you are worthy? In this activation the beliefs that keep you from feeling worthy will be released.
3. Magnetic Heart – Increases the strength and magnetism of the electromagnetic field around your heart space, as well as increasing the strength of the vortex spin of your toroidal energy field.
4. Release Anything – The “release anything” works for…anything. So as you are receiving this activation put your attention on those things that you would like to release in general and specifically that may be blocking you from fully and completely being able to access and embody your sacred heart space.
5. Respect, Trust and Loyalty – This activation is about the respect, trust and loyalty you give yourself and others as well as what is given to you. If you don’t feel that you are getting the respect, trust and loyalty you feel you deserve this will clear the resentment or negative energy around this bringing you balance.
6. Sacred Heart Key – This activation clears life times of trauma, sadness, betrayal, and heartache along with life times of etheric contracts and vows that keep us bound to this energy. Can you imagine how amazing your life can be if your heart is truly open and you truly trust in your heart?
7. Sacred Heart – This activation prepares you to really live in and from the heart. It brings up your limiting beliefs about other people and cultures. It brings up the stuff that blocks you from being able to love yourself and love others for who they truly are. This activation enables you to live in your heart.
8. Arcturian Pink Dragon – Self-Love

Throat Chakra

1. Atlantean Power Returns – Have you lost your power? Your REAL power?
Many of us gave up our power because the mistakes we have made. And we still are stuck.
In this activation, I will be clearing out the group consciousness, trauma, beliefs, and all the contracts you’ve made to stay out of your power.
Welcome to your own power activation.
This activation connects you with our star family, the Atlanteans’ and the time of Atlantis here on Earth. We will bring in the wisdom that we had at that time as well as the wisdom, unconditional love and the strength we require at this time of ascension here on Earth.
2. Authority Power Disconnection – This activation disconnects you from the belief of others having authority and power over you. It enables you to deal with and stand up to all people, institutions and organizations on the same level, releasing the need to look up to them, free of fear. It disconnects you from the Collective Consciousness around authority and connects you with your own authentic power.
3.Balance and Activate the Pineal, Pituitary Gland, Godhead and Third Eye – Clears and activates the sacred energies in the brain and the most important glands in your body; the pineal and pituitary glands; along with the God Head, which is located at the base of the skull on the tip of the spinal cord, and the Third Eye.
4.Before Life – This activation will allow you to meet with your soul family and your council of twelve and show you what agreed to do in this life time. Free your fears of being who you really are. This simple yet very powerful process clears your fears so that you can move forward.
5. Being Present and Listening – This activation is about being emotionally present and open to really hear others, to hear their truth, to listen with the soul. This activation helps you stay in the moment to fully participate in your world, your life and the people you interact with. You will find that you have great peace and patience and interact in an entirely different way. You will really look within the person you’re speaking to or the activity you’re engaging in and you will see the beauty of each moment.
6. Brain in Balance – This activation balances both the left and right brain, helping you to become more artistic and grounded at the same time and be organized. If you are really organized and want to be more artistic or are really artistic and want to be more organized, this activation will help you.
7. Breathe Peace – An activation brought in by Quan Yin. This activation clears your lungs of sorrow and grief clearing it from the collective and from your genetics. Good for anyone with asthma or lung related diseases.
8. Arcturian Purple Dragon – Relationships

3rd Eye Chakra

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Crown Chakra 

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