The Language of Flowers


Flowers are my ‘thing’. I’ve always loved flowers. They talk to me, sing to me, dance for me. They are my friends. In my explorations within the spiritual realms I have discovered that one of my ‘jobs’ is the creation of flowers. So needless to say, I have had a long, intimate relationship with the Flower Kingdom.

For a while now, the Flowers have been nudging me to share their energies with the world. Of course this isn’t necessarily a new concept. But the information that I receive and bring forth will be unique to me and my relationship with the Flower Kingdom.

And most exciting of all, I will be incorporating my life-long love of photography into the process. I love macro photography! I love getting up close and personal with the flowers, capturing the tiniest details within them that the casual observer most often misses. And even though I have thousands of images of flowers, for this project I will be creating new ones. So this is and will be for some time a work in progress.

I will be offering an original image of each flower that I work with, and a channeled message from the flower. I will also be receiving a ‘download’ of light codes that will be offered in the form of an ‘activation’. These will be offered via ‘live’ sessions, private and group, as well as a pre-recorded audio. 

And eventually I plan to create an oracle card deck with the flowers.

So I’m excited to offer the first flower in this series…



Smile! It’s Spring time. I love to make you smile. I am bright and sunny. I remind you that the warm summer days are on their way. I bring a breath of fresh air along with the spring sunshine and warm winds. I dance in the breeze, making merry, my enthusiasm flows outwards. I share it with all who take the time to pause and admire me. Happiness is my nature; I share my happiness with all who connect with me. It’s difficult NOT to smile when you see me. I am the promise of things to come, hope, happiness and good will. My energy is delicate, yet strong. I remind you of the power that comes to you when you appreciate and admire the many beautiful gifts Mother Earth provides. The power and life-giving energy of the sun is embodied within me. Come close, breath deeply, and feel the power as it re-ignites your passion and enthusiasm for life. 

Daffodil Activation for Enthusiasm…Now Available

The Spirit of the Daffodil shares it’s passion and enthusiasm for life in this activation. If you have become a bit apathetic in terms generating and manifesting your hopes and dreams, this activation will re-ignite the fire of your enthusiasm for life in general and your enthusiasm for bringing those things to fruition.

Purchase the audio for the introductory price of…ONLY $7

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