The Power of Connecting to the Earth

We are electrical beings and so too is the Earth. When we make contact with the Earth, the electrical charge of the Earth naturally discharges the build up of stress in the body which is one of the main contributing factors in chronic inflammation and most chronic disease.

Almost everything in our modern world tends to disconnect us from regularly creating that electrical connection to the Earth. In many ways, we live in a much more stressful world than our ancestors did. With the disconnect that modern humanity has from the world, the stress builds and builds until our body’s are so overwhelmed they begin to struggle.

Most of us are subjected to the programming that tells us to keep on going, don’t be lazy, etc. So we grab a coffee, sweet treat, over the counter or prescribed medication so we can keep up the pace that we are demanding of ourselves. All of these things only add to the stress our body’s have to deal with.

What’s the simple solution? Take time to connect to the Earth. I hear you saying to yourself, “Who has time for that?” Well, I have some simple solutions that you may find helpful.

If you are stuck in an office at work or in your home taking care of others here are a few things you could easily incorporate into your day.

  1. Find a nice sized rock that is large enough for you to place both of your feet on. Put it under your desk at work or any place in your home that you are able to spend a few minutes sitting down for a rest. Take your shoes off and place your feet on the rock. Feel all the tension draining into the rock and into the Earth. Part of the service that the Earth is willing to provide for us is helping us to release/discharge this energy. Notice how much you relax as you practice this simple process.
  2. Sit down with your feet on the floor and your back comfortably straight. Gently close your eyes. Put your attention on your breathing. In your mind’s eye imagine yourself sitting on a great big tree stump. In your imagination, feel the tree trunk supporting your body. Notice that the trunk goes so deeply into the Earth, that it’s roots connect into the very center of the Earth. Now imagine all of your stress, anxiety and worry draining down into the center of the Earth. After you do this for a few minutes, imagine a big golden sun above your head. Bring this golden sun down in and through your body, bringing in increased awareness and recharging your energy.
  3. And of course if you are able to actually go outside, sit on the ground, take your shoes off and walk in the grass, walk through a forest or immerse yourself in a natural body of water that, in my opinion is the best!

But don’t wait, connect with the Earth now in any way you can and for any amount of time. I promise you will begin to notice a positive difference in the way your feel.

And most of all, have some fun!

Until next time…

Happy Trails, Debi

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