The Shamanic Perspective

What is the Shamanic perspective?

Traditionally a man or woman who is called a ‘shaman’ has a skill set that allows them to interact with the realms of spirit. This is accomplished through the state of expanded awareness. 

I believe that we all have this ability to one degree or another. But just like any talent, gift or skill, some of us have more of a natural proclivity to working within the spiritual realms. 

It has been shown that about 80% of those who attempt to enter the shamanic journey state of awareness have success on their first attempt. And with consistent practice they have the potential to become adept at entering into and working within the realms of non-ordinary reality.

The shamanic perspective is aware that all things have consciousness and thus all things can be communicated to. The wisdom that is available to us as we learn to communicate with the spirit of all the many different life forms is virtually unlimited. 

As human beings, we perceive the world through that particular filter. Often times we have a somewhat narrow scope of perception as to how the world works. But if we begin to ‘talk’ to other forms of life; the animals, plants, minerals and elemental kingdoms, etc., how much more would we be able to expand our perspective and our awareness of how the world works?

What could we learn from being shown how other forms of life perceive the world? What if we were willing to open ourselves up to understanding the many points of view that they have about us and the way they perceive the world?

In my opinion it would bring us all closer together. And maybe, just maybe that would translate into being willing to open ourselves up to understanding the points of view of our fellow human beings; even though and especially when those points of view are quite different from our own.

What if no one’s point of view was ‘wrong’? What if it was just a different way of looking at the world? What if by our willingness to be open to receiving those different points of view we, our world and our relationships were enriched and expanded rather than invalidated and destroyed? What if we let go of the fear of being wrong and the need to be right? What possibilities could open up?

So back to the shamanic perspective. The shaman sees the world as connected. There is a web of life so to speak that literally connects all of life, all of creation. What happens to one form of life, reverberates through that web of life and affects the rest of life. 

Imagine a suspension bridge spanning a deep gorge. Imagine people walking across the bridge. Now what if someone were to begin to jump up and down on the bridge that is suspended by ropes across this deep gorge. It would cause everyone else on the bridge to begin to sway and stumble and possibly fall off the bridge into the gorge to their death. Not a pretty scene. 

Since the shamanic practitioner is aware of the connection of all life, they move through their life in a more mindful manner than most. They are aware of the truth that says, what you do to one, you do to the whole. And since thoughts are things and eventually thoughts become matter, it’s not only our direct physical actions that create repercussions, but it’s our thoughts that we send out. Whether it’s done with conscious intent or unconsciously they still reverberate through the web of life. 

Shamans go into the journey space with specific intentions. They meet, communicate with and nurture relationships with helping spirits and teachers in both animal and human form. These helping spirits provide the shaman with power, protection and safety. 

They assist the shaman in gathering information that will benefit them as they walk their spiritual path and fulfill their life’s purpose. They also assist the shaman in healing themselves as well as divining information and facilitating healing for their clients. 

The shamanic path is a path of service, but not necessarily a path of sacrifice or martyrdom. The shaman heals themselves first and in doing so gathers the wisdom, experience and expansion of consciousness necessary to then facilitate the healing of others who seek out their services. 

The shaman performs their work in the realm of spirit. The middle world within the shamanic tradition, aka non-ordinary reality, is a mirror, a reflection of our physical world or ordinary reality. When the shaman shifts things in the middle world, things begin to shift and change in the ordinary world. 

The Shamanic Tradition goes back tens of thousands of years. It is one of the oldest known spiritual traditions on the Earth. It spans the globe in one form or another. It is the precursor to our modern day, guided meditations. 

I have been studying and practicing many tools and techniques in the energetic realms over the past 30 plus years. I began studying the Shamanic tradition about 5 years ago. It has been a phenomenal addition to my life and to my energetic healing practice. And I love to share it with all who are open to learning and implementing these ancient techniques into their lives. Do so will support you in stepping into your inner strength, power and potential. You will gain tools to receive answers directly from your spirit guides, regarding anything you would like to know. 

I have found that this ability, to receive direct revelation is extremely empowering. It puts you firmly in the driver’s seat so to speak of your life. 

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