What are Sacred Activations?

Sacred Activations is a modality that originated through Tamra Oviatt.
While visiting the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, in 2012 she was given the first activation. That activation is called Lord Metatron and it activates and upgrades the DNA. Over the next several months Tamra continued to receive more activations and today there are over 300 Sacred Activations. Some of the activations repair and activate the sacred geometry in the body and some delete limiting programs in all areas of life.
Each Sacred Activation is similar to a computer virus scan. When the activation is run, it goes through and finds and deletes all of the programs that are running in the background in your subconscious mind. These programs create roadblocks and limitations in your life. Each of the activations clear the history levels; past, present and future, the genetic levels; which clear yours as well as your ancestors in the past and future, and the collective consciousness of humanity.
When you receive the activations, you are also helping to create a space for thousands of others to step into and become free of these programs and limitations if they so choose.As a practitioner, the beauty of working with Sacred Activations is that my job is to witness the Creator doing the work. I connect and make the request, then I observe as the energy flows into each person’s body and space. When the energy comes to a point of completion, I will then run the next activation, stating what it is or if we are done, I will walk you through a grounding exercise that will help you to fully integrate the work into your body and energy field.
The activations will continue working for you for as long as is necessary. As in any energy work you may feel sensations in your body while you are receiving the activations or you may feel nothing. Know that they are still working. Also after receiving the activations, you may feel tired, wired, hungry or crave certain foods. You may have physical detox symptoms, or emotional releases such as feeling angry, sad or even crying. Often times these symptoms will show up about 3 days after you receive the activations. Please know that this is a good sign, as all of the old energies that have been holding you back are being released. Do your best to literally go with the flow, letting the energies release and remembering not to resist. Drink some extra water and ask your body how you can best support it during the integration process.
It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the activations to fully integrate. Feel free to listen to the recordings as often as you are inclined. Each time to listen, you will clear another layer of energy. When you don’t need the activation any more, it simply will not run.
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