Who’s in Control, You or Technology?

I had a conversation with a very wise spiritual teacher many years ago. He shared his perspective on technology and specifically, Angelic technology versus Luciferian technology. I was intrigued. 

He said that all of the technology that we use is Luciferian technology; everything run by machines, computers, etc. So basically, everything we use on a daily basis. And what is Angelic technology? It’s everything that is part of our Source-given Operating System as I call it. It’s our physical senses, as well as our psychic senses. It’s all of the abilities and capacities that we have the potential to express. But typically these are not acknowledged by the majority of ‘normal’ society’ and most often they are denounced as less than credible, weird or bad. 

Humanity has been lulled into believing that they are weak and powerless They have been convinced that science reigns supreme. We’ve been trained to only believe those things that can be ‘proven’ scientifically. Even those who are strongly aligned with a religious outlook on life seem to have this perspective. 

This has puzzled me for many years. The same people who strongly support and defend a philosophical belief system that in no way can be validated or proven scientifically insist that everything else needs to have scientific ‘proof’. I find my self silently asking, WTF?? And then I just laugh to myself and remind myself that each of us is experiencing life in our own unique way.

So here we are, living in a world that is dominated by this Luciferian technology. What I would like to explore today is how we can use this technology in ways that will support and uplift us, rather than disempower and restrict us. How can we tap into all of these amazing tools without losing our connection and capacity to connect to spirit and express the innate power that lies within us?

The words that keep coming to me are some that Jesus spoke. He referred to ‘being in the world, but not of the world’. The physical world operates very differently from the world of spirit. And the world of spirit is our place of origin. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. 

So why did we choose to play this crazy game? I don’t know. We must have thought it would be fun. Some days I do and other days, I wonder what the heck I was thinking. I guess I had high hopes that I would be able to remember who I was and why I came here, once I’d arrived. Sometimes I think I was a little too cocky. My guide team was probably trying to impress upon me that I wouldn’t remember a thing, that I would have complete amnesia. And I was probably thinking to myself, right, right, I’ll remember. So I get here and it takes me a good part of my life to begin to wake up. Oh I’ve had glimpses here and there as far back as 4 years old, but it has taken me these 60 some years to pull many of the pieces together. And still I don’t have them all. 

I’ve always been one to ask a lot of questions. And while I may not receive an immediate answer, I know that eventually it will come. And at times multiple answers come together and an entire portion of the puzzle comes into focus, bringing me greater insight and awareness. 

I used to have a huge sense of urgency. I felt I had a mission, a purpose. I felt impatient and as if I was running out of time. As I’ve moved through life, I’ve been able to put things in perspective a bit more. And most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m sliding down a slippery hill and running out of time any more. I’m able to relax a little more into the way of spirit and how the nature of reality is revealed in a way that is perfect for me. Awareness and thus the ability to access greater levels of consciousness are revealed in increments that are perfectly suited to me. And I’ve learned that the more I am able to allow myself to ‘be’ right where I am and appreciate that, the more willing spirit is to give me more. 

This was and still is a challenging concept for me at times. And I find it even more challenging as a teacher of consciousness to convey this to those who study with me. There’s a lot of programming in the world that wants us to remain in a place of discontent; unhappy with where we currently find ourselves. And when we first begin to practice allowing ourselves to just be where we are, there is so much programming that tells we are wrong, lazy, don’t have ambition, will never amount to anything, and so much more. 

The way of spirit is pretty much the polar opposite of the ways of the world. In essence the physical world that we find ourselves in an inversion of the spiritual world that is our source. So it’s no wonder that we feel confused and sometimes even crazy as we begin to align more and more with our spiritual path. We have most of the world thinking we are crazy, even if they aren’t coming right out and telling us we are. And since we are sensitive and psychic, we can feel these thoughts and emotions.

So back to technology; Luciferian versus Angelic. How can we be in the world but not of the world? How can we take advantage of the worldly (aka Luciferian technology) without ‘selling our soul’ so to speak and denouncing the Angelic technology that exists within us. 

Awareness in my mind is always the key. Make use of those things that the physical world has to offer. After all we came here to have this experience. And maintain the awareness that within yourself you have the potential to develop and utilize the inner Angelic technology that is part of your Source-given Operating System. 

You don’t have to give your power away to anything or anyone. In truth you are that power and it really can never be given away. But the stories your mind tells you may be able to fool you into believing those stories. We are told that the technology of the world is superior. But the truth is that it is nothing compared to the potential that lies within you. 

Your thoughts are things, your thoughts create your reality, your reality doesn’t create your thoughts. What have you been thinking? Those thoughts are reflected all around you. Everything in your life is a direct reflection of all the thoughts you’ve been thinking up until now. You have the freedom to choose. 

Would you like to change your life? Simply begin, right now to consciously and intentionally think different thoughts. And watch how Spirit begins to change the choreography of your life to match your new thoughts. 

Oh and most of all have fun! The happier you are, the higher your vibrational frequency. The higher your vibe, the less affected you are by the energies around you and the faster things change!

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Until next time…remember to Laugh-a-Lot and have some fun! (wasn’t he a friend of King Arthur?:-)


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